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Schedule : Every Monday : 6:15 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

spirit of the teaching :

Zen Meditation or Zazen consists in the practice of a quiet sitting. Thanks to an every-moment-let-go, the mental images which veil the true nature of one’s inner being, fade and make way for the very essence of Reality. Stemming from Chinese, then Japanese Buddhism, Zazen does not purport to a philosophical, religious, mystical or ethical system. It is a path for awakening oneself to one’s core-reality. The method transmitted here belongs to the Sôtô, which is one of the two main branches of Zen, as taught by Master Kôsho Uchiyama who wanted to cleanse the practice from all ritualistic or religious superfluity. He emphasised the fundamental importance and correctness of the meditative posture.

practical clauses :

The 90 min. session is divided into sequences of a sitting posture (zazen) and a walking meditation (kinhin). It is concluded by a few minutes speech or a mutual debriefing.

Those participating are asked to be punctual. Indeed they are not admitted after the start of the session in order to avoid disturbing the meditation under way. However, those who might wish to take a break before the end of the session may do so while the walking meditation is in progress.

Please note : For an initial practice, please call the +336 71 74 91 86, Tuesday through Friday to make an appointment (if necessary leave a message on the answering machine to be called back).

dress : Comfortable, plain clothes (warm enough for winter) or the traditional Japanese Kolomo.


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